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Gay Christian October 15, 2009

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When I first came out I felt like I had to choose between my love Christ and my love for my partner. I actually broke up with my partner several times over the years because I was so torn. I have come to the point where I acknowledge myself as a Gay Christian. I still want to be involved in ministry. There are people that will still hear what I have to say regardless of my sexual orientation. God still loves me and I still love Him and hold Him very dear to my heart. I still want to serve Him and I know that there are people that have struggled with the same thing. My charge is to reach out to those people and tell them that God still loves them. They still have a place in the Kingdom of Heaven. Don’t be discouraged if you are dealing with this situation. God is not a condeming entity. He has room in His arms for those that acknowledge Him and desire to live for Him. My prayer is that we all find peace in God no matter what our situation. God seeks our hearts and knows our intentions, if those intentions are to serve Him sincerely, than you don’t feel as if you have to choose.


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